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Dear friend,

Welcome to my website. I am a singer, songwriter, and musician living near Detroit, Michigan. The songs I write and record are deeply felt, and my concerts are opportunities for laughter, joy and healing.

It's my joy and my honor to be working musically with older people who have Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia. I work in group settings, and I also offer one on one sessions. I can't envision a more rewarding way to share the gifts of music, love and laughter than to help those who suffer from dementia connect with a part of themselves that remains intact even in the face of their difficult circumstances.

I have been writing songs for over 35 years, and my concerts combine playful fun with messages of personal transformation and hope. They always include uplifting sing-alongs.

In addition to giving concerts and facilitating songwriting workshops, I run a company called Celebration Songs, writing personal songs for private clients. These songs have covered a wide variety of subjects, from welcoming new babies into the world and celebrating anniversaries and birthdays to offering messages of reconciliation to loved ones and teaching young children to spell their names.

I am blessed to write, sing and play music for my living. Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site. I'd love the opportunity to speak with you about my work.

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When the beauty inside
is no longer denied
It melts all the lies and
shines through our eyes
We break through the chains
of struggle and pain
Let go of our pride,
our hearts open wide
- from "Freedom"



Copyright ©2003 Michael Krieger